50 Stocking Stuffers For Kids

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These 50 Stocking Stuffers for Kids will give Santa plenty of ideas for how to stuff those stockings this year!!

Usually, it’s adults that are hard to shop for. But sometimes, Santa just doesn’t know what to stuff a stocking with. So this year, I’m giving Santa a helping hand with these 50 stocking stuffers for kids.

50 Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Santa, please keep in mind that I helped you out this year, buddy….

NOTE: All links here are amazon affiliate links. You will NOT be charged extra for shopping through these links. But if you do shop through these links, a small portion of the sales will come back to me to keep this blog running. Thanks! 

  1. Lip Smackers (8-pack)
  2. Da Bomb Love Bath Bomb
  3. Pokémon Pez Gift Set
  4. Magic the Gathering Origins Booster Pack
  5. Hair Chalk
  6. Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans
  7. Kinetic Sand
  8. Hacky Sacks (3-Pack)
  9. Hot Wheels
  10. Zebra Midliner Markers
  11. Nintendo Accessories Pack
  12. Crayola Colored Pencils
  13. Art Up This Journal
  14. Silly Putty (12-pack)
  15. Sudoku for Kids
  16. Brain Teasers
  17. Mini M&Ms
  18. Nutella with Pretzel Sticks
  19. Cat Bookmark
  20. Magnetic Building Blocks
  21. 642 Tiny Things to Draw
  22. Basic Watercolor Paint Palette
  23. Christmas Wind-Up Toys
  24. Simon Micro Series Game
  25. Glowing Terrarium Science Kit for Kids
  26. Christmas Mad Libs
  27. Monopoly Card Game
  28. Long Range Walkie Talkies
  29. LED Light Up Gloves
  30. Unicorn Bath Bomb with Necklace Surprise
  31. Mini Bowling Game
  32. Wooden Ball Brain Teaser
  33. Rainbow Scratch and Sketch Note Pads
  34. Hand Operated Drone for Kids
  35. Desktop Skee Ball
  36. Desktop Boxing
  37. LOL Surprise Doll Lil Sisters
  38. Motorcycle Noise Maker for Bicycles
  39. Sticky Hands
  40. Tamagotchi Mini
  41. Desktop Tetherball
  42. Mystery Stuffed Animals
  43. Piano Horn
  44. Stretchy Flying Christmas Elves
  45. Practical Joke Gifts (7-pack)
  46. The Original Slinky
  47. Oven-Bake Clay
  48. LEGO Construction Loader Set
  49. Cupcake Scented Backpack Clip
  50. Food Shaped Stress Balls

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