The Homestead Hamster

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Meet the homestead hamster!

In my opinion, no homestead would be complete without a hamster. This is just my opinion of course, but still.

Marshmallow came into our lives in September 2014. He’s a sprightly little fella who loves his beauty sleep.

Homestead Hamster

Being that hamsters are nocturnal animals, his beauty sleeps gets disturbed often during the day. All it takes is my little man to drop something or talk too loudly, and out pops Marshmallow with a look on his face that lets you know under no uncertain terms that he is NOT happy about it!

Case in point:

But when he does happen to wake up on the right side of his shavings, he’s a pretty fun guy to have around. He enjoys racing cars….
Disturbing Sleeping Beauty

…and saving damsels in distress…
Disturbing Sleeping Beauty

… but mostly, he just loves to sleep…
Disturbing Sleeping Beauty

…and sleep some more….
Disturbing Sleeping Beauty


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