Moms, Please Tell Your Daughters…..

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Moms, please tell your daughters…

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Are you a mom? Do you have a daughter? Please tell her…

Please tell her she is beautiful just as she is.

Please tell her she should never attempt to change herself or her body to try and look more…. “whatever

Please tell her she is beautiful inside and out just the way she is.

Please tell her that no matter what society throws her way, she is not wrong. Her body is not wrong. There is no wrong way to have a body.

Please tell her she should NEVER strive to look like somebody else. She should only strive to be the best her she can be.

Please tell her it’s okay to focus on something other than her outward appearance.

Please tell her there is more to who she is than what she looks like.

Tell her. Please, please tell her.

I grew up believing that I was not okay. I grew up believing that I would be beautiful only IF I achieved becoming a model. So I starved myself, destroyed my metabolism and started what has become a lifelong struggle with my weight.

If somebody had just told me what a stupid idea it was to try and change my naturally beautiful body for a paycheck and a few pretty photos, my life would be very different now. If somebody had just taken me by the shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, “You’re beautiful. Don’t change a thing.”, I would most likely not be having the struggles I fight now every single day.

As girls and women, we need to hear that we are beautiful. But beauty is so much more than our body. It really doesn’t matter what we look like. We are all beautiful simply because we are women, and that makes us naturally strong and resilient. Women rock. We make entire human beings with our bodies. We endure pain and struggle and frustrations that make us stronger human beings each and every day, simply because we are women. And there is so much beauty in that alone.

Tell her. Make her believe it because it’s true. Give her the tools to feel self confident for life, even if she has a few pounds to lose. Because those few pounds do not make her who she is. Make her strong and fierce and wonderful by telling her. Just tell her. Every day. Every minute until she really, truly believes it. Because the outside world is full of messages that will tell her the opposite.

Make her believe. Make her see. Make her understand what an amazing human being she is. Help her understand that women are a force to be reckoned with. Imagine what it would look like if all women understood how beautiful they are. If we didn’t allow society to tell us that we are less. If we scoffed at the magazine covers and laughed in the face of anyone who tried to make us feel inferior. Just imagine how impossible it would be to stop us and all we can do. Imagine.

Believe this about yourself, and believe this about your daughter.

Tell her. Just tell her. Every day.

Tell her.

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  1. Thank you for this post! As I sat here and read it I cried my eyes out!! All of this is so very true and I hope women all over get the chance to read this post. I grew up in a household where all I constantly heard come out of my mother and grandmothers mouths were how fat they were and how they needed to lose weight. Me being a young, impressionable child started to look at myself and think the same thing. Needless to say I struggled on an off with anorexia for 8 years!! I eventually got some help. I’m now 31, 5’4″ and 134lbs. Thankfully I have a good support group of friends and family that keep me in check, but my point behind telling you this, is if I had just had ONE PERSON tell me that I was beautiful the way I was, or had someone tell me that I was TOO THIN I could have prevented the road I went down. I do have a son, with hopes of having another child and if I have a daughter one day, well you can be damn (sorry) well sure I’m going to let her know how beautiful she is inside and out, let her know God didn’t create us all the same b/c then life would be boring.
    Again thank you for this post, b/c its true, the media and radio,,everywhere young girls turn they are being bombarded with false advertisements of beauty, they only advertising that has it right is DOVE.
    PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website and all the yummy recipes.

    1. Jenn – It’s pretty amazing what messages we get from childhood. I’m sorry you went through that and I’m certainly happy you made it through. You are perfect just the way you are!!????