Ultimate Guide To Modern Homesteading

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As I get more and more into modern homesteading, I’m finding that there are some basics that everyone should know. So in this ultimate guide to modern homesteading, I’ll go over those basics to help you get started.

The definition of modern homesteading is different from the traditional one in several ways. It is no longer just about raising animals alone and producing all your food on the farm yourself. Modern homesteading is more about getting closer to nature and becoming more self-sufficient. 

But what is the exact definition of modern homesteading? How does it differ from the traditional approaches? 

This guide today will help you find answers to all these questions. 

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know to become a modern homesteader, including:-

  • What modern homesteading is and why it is essential.
  • The things you need to get started with modern homesteading
  • Best practices to succeed with modern homesteading. 

Read on to find out how you can also live the fabulous modern homesteader lifestyle.

What is Modern Homesteading?

The modern homesteading process focuses on reducing the environmental impact and finding alternatives that help you lead a more self-sustainable lifestyle. You do not need land space and a ton of animals to be a homesteader, which is how homesteading works. 

Modern homesteading might look like a peaceful and environment-friendly life, but this lifestyle is not easy to implement. But that does not mean you cannot take a step toward living a simpler life. 

So if you have wanted to become a homesteader for a while, know that it is not as difficult as you think it is to be one.

Why is Modern Homesteading an Amazing Choice Right Now?

Like anything else in life, you should be able to see the benefits before you start learning about homesteading. Let us talk about some of the benefits of the same:-

  • Freedom: Homesteading gives you the freedom to choose what you wish to plant, and every other choice is also in your hands. 
  • Tax Benefits: Property tax savings is something that every landowner will appreciate, right? With research, you can also get property tax exemption based on the rules in the particular state you live in. 
  • Little Things Matter More – Homesteaders find it easier to focus on the little achievements and build a happier lifestyle that way. 
  • Eat What You Adore – Homesteading gives you the choice to grow foods that you and your family enjoy regularly. When you love what you eat, you automatically love how you live!

Things You Need For A Successful Modern Homesteading Experience

Though each person’s experience is different, a few starting tips can help you during the initial years of homesteading. Let’s talk about some things you need to do before starting this sustainable lifestyle yourself. Remember that you always need to be in the learning mindset and pick up on practices that make things easier. 

Prior Land Inspection 

The most important part of the entire homesteading process is probably this step – Without proper land, you will struggle to make it through many things. A good piece of land gives better harvest chances, a better place to raise animals, and a better environment for modern homesteading.  

If you already own a piece of land, you will not struggle much to start your journey. If you plan to buy new land, you need to take the evaluation process seriously. Know the advantages and the challenges you are bound to face once you start using the land frequently. Prior research will put you at an advantage earlier, and you will know what to do to make this new lifestyle easier on yourself. 

The Garden Preparation

The first step towards sustainable living is adding a garden where you can grow everything. It is up to you to decide what you wish to grow and how you want to plant the garden. I suggest looking at the weather conditions in the area where your land is to get a better harvest each time. 

Your prior land inspection will enable you to choose the right plants to grow and the right techniques to help you succeed in gardening. You can even ask garden experts or neighbors who have been gardening for years for advice. As they already have experience with the local weather conditions and demands, they will give you previous advice and tips that you can use. 

Harvest Preservation

As a modern homesteader, another thing that becomes a necessity is knowing how to make the food you produce last longer. Harvest season doesn’t 

come each month, so you need to be clever about preserving your harvests. The food preservation process essentially makes the homesteading experience a little more stable. 

The preservation process depends on what you produce – whether it’s the garden harvest or the meat from the animals you raise, everything needs to be preserved using different techniques. You also need to think about the storage space that you will use to keep these items. Preserved food can be used by your family or you can sell it to others. So, I suggest you should make decisions on how you will preserve your harvest smartly. 

Know Which Livestock to Bring In

Often homesteaders also add a few livestock to their stead that they take care of in order to attain benefits. Though you can choose to not do this, I suggest at least trying it out to benefit more from the homesteading experience. 

Livestock isn’t something you can take lightly – you need to think about their food, grooming, health, and many other factors. Raising them might sound like a daunting task, but it also brings several advantages. You can decide to sell their meat, sell products produced by them, etc to earn extra money. 

Choose which animals to bring home based on initial land studies, your preferences, and other factors. Ensure to spend enough time on this process to avoid the issues later in your homesteading experience. 

A farmer in overalls walks along a tall fence towards a flock of sheep.

Best Practices For Successful Modern Homesteading

Now that you know the things you need to start Homesteading yourself, it’s time to learn about the best practices! These practices might not seem like genius modern homesteading tips, but they will make more sense in the long run. 

These tips are basically to help you stay focused and motivated toward your goal of becoming a modern homesteader. Let us talk about a few that you might find helpful in your homesteading experience:-

Avoid Being in Too Much Debt

Modern homesteading can in no way be cheap – you will have to deal with a ton of recurring expenses that will cause you constant headaches. Expenses are the reasons why homesteaders seem to give up this lifestyle. You want to reduce the environmental impact, but you struggle to pay bills and live a comfortable life with your loved ones. 

Taking debts might sound like a wise solution, but it will make this lifestyle suffocating for you. The debt halts your progress, and you will find yourself paying them for years instead of buying something else. Therefore I suggest taking as few loans as possible while you live your homesteading life. 

Don’t Quit Your Current Occupation The First Few Years

You might be tempted to say, “I will quit my job and focus all my attention on homesteading only.” But realistically speaking, that might not be a wise solution when you are new. 

For the first couple of months or years, do the homesteading on the side. Your job will help pay the expenses so you can steady yourself as a modern homesteader. Once you feel more comfortable with the lifestyle, you can consider doing it full-time and quitting your job. 

You can try making your job hours more flexible to get time for homesteading. Keep the job until homesteading starts helping you be financially stable. 

If Possible, Consider Work From Home Career Options

If you no longer wish to work your current job, consider a work from home option. This can help you find more time for homesteading setup as well. You can also consider freelancing as that gives you the flexibility you need to start a new lifestyle. 

After the pandemic, a lot of companies are willing to let employees work from home. Discuss if you have such an option with your employer. Otherwise, if you quit your job, look around for work options that you can try from home for a couple of extra bucks monthly. 

Be Patient and Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes While HomeSteading

Don’t give up too soon in case you make mistakes in the first few years of modern homesteading. As you are new to the lifestyle, it is bound to take you some time to adjust and start seeing positive changes in your life. 

Keep your patience levels and your learner’s spirits high at all times. Talk to other modern homesteaders for valuable advice and more useful tips. Learn from them but also allow yourself to try different approaches. A couple of mistakes now will make you a pro homesteader later!

Final Thoughts

Now you have all the basic knowledge about modern homesteading that you will need to get started. 

You now know what modern homesteading is, several benefits, and also what you need to get started. I have also shared additional best practices to help you make fewer mistakes and enjoy a sustainable life. Homesteading can be the perfect choice for you if you are someone who wishes to live a much simpler life and depend on nature more. 

You are now ready to achieve your dream and become a pro-modern homesteader! 

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