Image of Tiffany McCauley.

Meet Tiffany McCauley, a journalist and digital publisher focused on food, blogging, crafts, and travel adventures.

Blogger, Cookbook Author, and Writer: Tiffany’s culinary journey began in 2009 when she founded The Gracious Pantry. Initially, it was a personal recipe diary, but it soon transformed into a source of inspiration and guidance for clean eating enthusiasts. Her dedication to creating wholesome and delicious recipes from scratch has left a lasting impact on millions of her site visitors.

In The Media: Tiffany covers food and travel for nationally syndicated articles via MSN, Media Decision, and the AP Newswire.

New England Wanderer: Currently based in the charming state of Maine, Tiffany has embraced the picturesque landscapes and culinary adventures that New England has to offer. Her blog is a portal to the region’s hidden gems, be it coastal towns or lobster rolls, offering readers an insider’s view.

European Dreams: But the story is far from over. In 2026, Tiffany will embark on a new chapter as she relocates to Europe. This long-held dream will see her exploring the diverse cultures, flavors, and experiences the continent has to offer.

Read Her Articles: For a full list of her articles, you can visit her Muck Rack profile.

Thank you for being a part of Tiffany’s journey, and stay tuned for the exciting adventures ahead!