Image of Tiffany McCauley.

Tiffany McCauley is a nationally syndicated journalist specializing in food and travel. She writes for MSN and is published nationally through the Associated Press for both food and travel.

Her writing style is a blend of personal experiences and expert insights. Tiffany works to capture the essence of a place through your writing, whether it’s delving into local cuisines, uncovering hidden gems, or highlighting cultural nuances.

Through her food blog, Tiffany has worked with companies such as eBay, Folgers, Diestal Turkey, the Canadian Maple Board, the Watermelon Board, and California Strawberries, to name a few.

In The Media: Tiffany covers food and travel for nationally syndicated articles via MSN, Media Decision, and the AP Newswire.

New England Wanderer: Currently based in the charming state of Maine, Tiffany has embraced the picturesque landscapes and culinary adventures that New England has to offer. Her blog is a portal to the region’s hidden gems, be it coastal towns or lobster rolls, offering readers an insider’s view.

European Dreams: But the story is far from over. In 2026, Tiffany will embark on a new chapter as she relocates to Europe. This long-held dream will see her exploring the diverse cultures, flavors, and experiences the continent has to offer.

Read Her Articles: For a full list of her articles, you can visit her Muck Rack profile.

Thank you for being a part of Tiffany’s journey, and stay tuned for the exciting adventures ahead!