How To Host Guests On A Budget

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Wondering how to host guests on a budget? These helpful hints and tips will have you hosting your guests with financial ease, all season long!

When it comes to having guests we all want them to feel welcome and have a great time. Hosting guests when you are on a budget can make you feel like you can’t entertain your guests as much as you’d like. The truth is you can host guests on a budget easily and everyone can have a wonderful time without breaking the bank. The key is to plan ahead and put your focus on making your guests feel welcome from the beginning.

How To Host Guest On A Budget


  1. Create a private space for your guests. Even if you don’t have a guest room set apart a place that they can have some privacy at night even if that means telling your family to avoid the living room come morning for a few days. Make this space or your guest room feel welcoming with simple touches like moveable throw pillows from another room or placing a vase with fresh flowers from your garden out for your guests. They will remember those little touches. And if you’re feeling crafty, make them a jar of bath salts to soak in the tub with after a long trip. I promise, they’ll settle right in!
  2. Ask your guests what they like to eat. You don’t have to plan trips to restaurants to provide your guests with a great meal they will love. Dig through the pantry and start shopping sales when you know your guests are coming to spread out the cost. Freeze what you can ahead of time to help spread the cost out over a few paychecks. Baking homemade treats is a great way to make your guests feel special for next to nothing compared to picking up muffins and cakes from the store or local bakery. And you can add a special touch by baking treats with flavors you know your guests prefer.
  3. Ask around to see what free and cheap activities there are. Your local community is bound to be offering something for free or low in cost when your guests will be visiting. Find deals on activities on Groupon and plan to take advantage of free entertainment like visiting hiking trails, the beach, or just hanging out at home playing a fun game. Netflix movie nights make for great entertainment and all you have to do is pop some popcorn!
  4. If children will be visiting you, make them feel special too. Take the time to gather toys, coloring pages, and fun homemade activities like homemade playdough and slime. Even a small box of crayons and some scratch paper can offer hours of entertainment without spending a ton of money. Place these items in a basket to offer to your guests so they can keep themselves busy. Your young visitors will feel grateful that you took the time to think about them too, and the parents will relax all the more knowing that there is something their children can entertain themselves with. And if you have a safe yard, consider a game of outdoor hide-n-seek or tag!

As you can see, it’s the small things that really matter when a guest visits. Don’t feel you have to spend a lot of money to make them feel comfortable when all you really have to do is help them feel at home.

How To Host Guest On A Budget

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