How To Grow Rosemary

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Wondering how to grow rosemary? Here are some easy tips and tricks!

Rosemary is a small easy to grow shrub that can be grown outdoors in your garden making a great addition to your landscaping or indoors in a potted herb garden. Growing rosemary is easy and can leave you with a large harvest of this flavorful and fragrant herb perfect for seasoning fish and poultry.

A single rosemary plant sits potted in a metal tin in this guide to How To Grow Rosemary
How to grow rosemary

Rosemary grows best in full sun. Plant your rosemary in well-draining soil. If your soil does not drain well consider adding in organic matter like small twigs or wood mulch that has begun to break down. Plant your rosemary in an area it will not be over grounded to encourage airflow. Keeping weeds at bay will help your rosemary grow and thrive.

Like many shrubs, rosemary can be difficult to grow from seed. The best potion to grow rosemary is to propagate your plant from a cutting. Choose a cutting at least 2 inches long, Remove the bottom 2 thirds before placing into a combination of fresh compost and peat moss. Add a sprinkle of water to encourage rooting.

When it comes to herbs like rosemary you want to avoid over-fertilization. Over-fertilizing your herbs can cause them to grow too fast leaving their flavor less than desirable. The best way to fertilize your rosemary is to add fresh compost to the soil before planting. Each year you can add more compost to the base of the plant. For midseason fertilizing consider a compost tea application no less than 6 weeks before your final planned harvest.

Rosemary can be harvested throughout the growing season. One great thing about rosemary is that the more you harvest and prune the more shoots your rosemary will push out creating a healthy happy plant. Pruning also helps to allow airflow through to the center of the plant to help with growth and disease resistance.

After harvesting your rosemary you can use it fresh or opt to hang in a cool dry space to encourage proper storage and flavor quality. The best way to use rosemary is freshly cut to add flavor in your cooking and garnishes.

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