How To Get That Farmhouse Look

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Wondering how to get that farmhouse look that’s so popular these days?

Farmhouse decor is in style right now and doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere, any time soon. This is great because you can achieve the farmhouse look with timeless pieces even if you find yourself on a tight budget. The farmhouse look can be found everywhere from the big box stores to small farm stands making it easy to find new items for your home. Yard sales, resale shops, and craft fairs are amazing for finding unique additions to your farmhouse look.

Tips and tricks for How To Get That Farmhouse Look. A pitcher sits in front of a white-washed shutter with a small white pumpkin next to it.

What is Farmhouse Decor?

While today’s idea of farmhouse decor is rather eclectic, it is far from what you would find in a truly busy farmhouse. Farmhouse decor is instead a warm cozy style that takes full advantage of vintage and handcrafted decor. When decorating your home in the farmhouse style focus on practical and useful items with a simple charming flare.

How to get the farmhouse look at home

  1. Look for vintage furniture. This can be found at used at yard sales or resale shops for a big savings. You can even grab items used or curb side and give them a vintage weathered paint job to give it the farmhouse look. Many furniture stores now offer vintage-style furniture to cater to the farmhouse style. Weathered finishes like sun-bleached wood and peeling paint are the go-to.
  2. Give your sofa and chairs a slipcover for a frugal way to update what you already have to fit your new decor. Light colors are in and slipcovers are easy to wash. Add cute farmhouse style throw pillows and a blanket to switch things up.
  3. Galvanized steel accents are a major part of the farmhouse feel. You can do this with galvanized signs or even grab a galvanized tub at the local farm store to place upside down for the perfect farmhouse coffee table.
  4. Add plenty of candles, and small knick-knacks around for decorative appeal. This is the perfect way to take advantage of your crafting skills or support a crafty friend’s home business. If you don’t know anyone crafty you can find great handmade farmhouse decor on ETSY.
  5. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace you can add a farmhouse fireplace taking advantage of modern electric fireplace inserts. Place one inside a weathered cabinet or build a false fireplace and mantle around your insert to get the look.
  6. Sliding barn doors can give your home the farmhouse look while offering you a door for privacy even over archways and other areas that are generally hard to add doors. This trend is very practical in old homes.
  7. Accent walls are a great way to add a bit of a pop to a room. Farmhouse decor is all about bringing in the outdoors farm style. Shiplap siding is a farmhouse classic and this trend brings it right into your living room. Choose an accent wall that has plenty of space to add farmhouse signs, wreaths, and other fun accents to complete the look.
  8. Even the perfectly decorated farmhouse room can be thrown off with modern technology sticking out like a sore thumb. Look for creative ways to hide TVs, computer screens and gadgets. Shutters, barn doors, and movable signs are all great options.


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