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If you’ve always wanted to throw a Harry Potter Party, Pinterest is your friend! Here are the details on my Pinterest Harry Potter Party I threw for my son when he turned 10!

The year my son turned 10, I really wanted to celebrate the occasion. Particularly after the previous three years we had with my mom getting sick and passing away, us losing our house and having to move, and starting all over again. I figured it was high time we start celebrating life and having a good time again. You never realize how important it is to laugh and smile until life hits you with a reason not to.

The drink bar set up for my Pinterest Harry Potter Party

My little guy loves Harry Potter. We’ve been to Potter World at Universal Studios twice and we’ve read all the books and seen all the movies. We are definitely an HP family in this house! So it seemed fitting to throw a Harry Potter party for my not-so-little-anymore guy.

But where to begin? I had no idea where to start. And where do you turn when you need to be creative but have no brain power to come up with your own, unique ideas? Pinterest, of course!

It didn’t take me long to have a private board filled solely with ideas for the party. So I thought I’d share exactly what I found and what I did, and of course, how it turned out!

Note: For those of you that follow my other blogs, my focus with this party was more about making sure everyone had fun than keeping things perfectly clean and healthy or even low carb. So many of these recipes do not qualify for either category. You only live once!

The food table all decorated with black decor for my Pinterest Harry Potter Party

Pinterest Harry Potter Party Dinner Menu



A skeleton behind a photo frame.

Main Meal


Me bringing out the Harry Potter birthday cake to sing happy birhtday.

Pinterest Harry Potter Party Decor

The Diagon Alley arch is made from faux brick paneling you can find at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It comes pre-painted just like that, so all you have to do is cut out the jagged edges with a jigsaw, then attach it to the wall over your existing door way.

Photo Station Cutout – Slide 8

A decorated table with gourds and a black table cloth.

Printed Images For A Pinterest Harry Potter Party

Bellatrix Lestrange – Wanted Poster

Sirius Black – Wanted Poster

Fat Lady – Password?

Food Labels

Station 9 3/4 sign – I just printed and framed this.

Bottle Labels

Misc. Printings

Hogwarts Express Tickets for invitations

HoneyDukes Candy Printables

Candy golden snitches on a gold tray.

Kid Party Projects



Give Dobby A Sock – Bean bag/sock toss – I altered this in photoshop to say sock instead of

Active Games

I hope this helps you plan your own Harry Potter Party!

See more photos below!

Hanger with a free invisibility cloak sign hangin on it.
Chamber of deposits sign for the bathroom.
The forbidden forest. An indoor tree with a large spider hanging over it.
The decorated food table for my harry potter party.
Wrapped birthday gives with a stuffed white spotted owl sitting on top at my harry potter party.
A collage of photos my friend took at my harry potter party.
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