Polymer Clay Mushrooms

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If polymer clay is your thing, then these adorable polymer clay mushrooms could be just what you need. They make the cutest gifts for a housewarming or the holidays!

These were too cute not to share. Stick them into the soil of any plant pot, or make a display of them by giving all of them their own little pot. Either way, cuteness abounds!

Three Polymer Clay Mushrooms in a small, white pot.

5 Tips For Working With Polymer Clay

  • Make sure your clay is a good quality clay. Cheaper varieties won’t work as well.
  • To store opened clay, wrap it in plastic wrap first, and then store in an airtight container
  • Clay sticks together easier if you score it first where it’s supposed to stick.
  • Make sure you have a solid, flat work surface. Clear your space of clutter.
  • Make sure you keep oven temperatures low, otherwise your clay may crack.

What You’ll need:

  • medium rolling pin
  • parchment paper
  • baking sheet
  • polymer clay
  • clay cutting and piercing tools
  • sharpie
  • glue
  • white paint
  • mod podge
  • paintbrush

How To Make Polymer Clay Mushrooms

Rolling the clay balls into mushroom stems to make these polymer clay mushrooms.

Do the same with the white clay, and form the balls into long sausage-like shapes that are tapered at one end.

The finished mushroom stems lined up in a row on a wooden surface.

To give them their quirky look, curve them a bit towards the top of the stem. Then, using a toothpick, poke a hole in the thicker bottoms.

The brown clay for these polymer clay mushrooms, rolled into balls for caps and cap dots.

Roll the brown clay into balls to about 1½ inches thick.  Roll quite a few very small white balls to approximately a 1/4 inch thickness. These will be the dots on the mushroom caps. So they don’t have to be perfect. Just keep them small, then press them flat between your fingers.

A single mushroom cap rolled flat and formed with a few white dots attached.

Roll the brown mushroom caps flat as well.

Forming the polymer clay mushrooms caps over a stylus.

Press the flat circles into mushroom cap shapes using a forming tool. Then press on your dots. You can press them on while the cap is flat, if that’s easier. Either way works. Roll the black clay into tiny little balls for the eyes. These will be attached to the stems after baking.

Baking the finished caps and stems for these polymer clay mushrooms.

Bake the clay on a parchment-lined baking pan to package directions. Each brand of clay can be slightly different, so follow those directions.

Rolling and attaching the black clay as eyes to the mushroom stems.

Once the clay has cooled from baking, you’ll want to glue the black eyeballs onto the stems.

Drawing the mouths on the mushroom stems with a permanent marker.

Draw the mouths on your stem just under the eyeballs, using a black sharpie marker with a fine tip.

Painting white dots on the black eyeballs on these polymer clay mushrooms.

Using a toothpick dipped in white paint, put white dots on the black eyeballs. When that dries, seal the clay with mod podge. Then insert a toothpick into the base to create a plant stick.

The caps put on the mushroom stems and inserted into a plant pot. This is the last step in making these polymer clay mushrooms.

Glue the mushroom caps onto the stems. Let everything dry fully, and then place the mushrooms into a flour pot.

These clay mushrooms are seriously so adorable.  They are way easier to create than they look and you can’t kill them like a real plant, so it’s a win/win! This easy craft is a great way to add a spot of whimsy to your garden!

Need Craft Supplies?

Polymer Clay Mushrooms

Darling little handmade mushrooms for decorating your home or garden. 2cm = .79 inches
Author: Tiffany McCauley


  • medium rolling pin
  • parchment paper
  • baking sheet
  • polymer clay
  • clay cutting and piercing tools
  • sharpie
  • glue
  • white paint
  • mod podge
  • paintbrush


  • Roll the brown clay into balls about 1½ thick. Press and roll into a flat circular shape.
  • Roll the tan clay into ¼ inch balls, press onto the flat circle.  Press the flat circles into mushroom cap shapes using a forming tool.
  • Roll tan clay into two, 1¼ inch balls.  Form into long cylindrical shapes that are tapered at the top. Roll tiny black balls for eyes.
  • Bake the clay as directed in the oven.  Once the clay has cooled, sketch a smile onto the stems using a fine tipped sharpie.  Glue black balls onto it for eyes.  Paint white dots onto the eyes.
  • Seal with modge podge.
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