Halloween Silverware Holders

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These Halloween silverware holders are a perfect family craft for your Halloween dinner table!

Fun Halloween projects that the whole family can get involved with are sometimes hard to come by. At least from what I’ve seen in magazines and books. All those wonderful, Martha Stewart Halloween projects are great for adults, but most aren’t for kids. They are usually beyond a child’s capabilities. At least the ones I’ve found.

One of these Halloween Silverware Holders sits with silverware in it on a black table cloth. An orange platter sites next to it.

So I’ve started to make up my own little craft projects. Things that my little guy can get involved with. Things that won’t frustrate him or make him wish he hadn’t gotten involved in the first place. And most importantly, things that he can truly be creative with.

Since we usually have pumpkins everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) this time of year, we both thought a DIY pumpkin-themed project would be a perfect fit. And we were right! This was easy and fun to put together.

To make these, you’ll need to download the template here:

  1. Download the pumpkin pattern here.

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Halloween Silverware Holders

A family friendly project even young kids can help with!
Prep Time30 minutes
Dry Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 30 minutes
Author: Tiffany McCauley


  • Scissors


  • 2 pieces orange felt
  • 1 piece green felt
  • 1 printed pumpkin pattern
  • 1 bottle fabric glue
  • 1 bottle orange glitter
  • 1 roll fabric tape (or you can use stick pins)


  • Collect all your supplies and set up your work station.
  • Print your pumpkin pattern at the link above.
  • Cut out your pumpkin pattern.
  • Secure the pumpkin to one piece of the orange felt. (You can do this with tape or pins.)
  • Cut out your first pumpkin and set aside. (If you are making multiple silverware holders, cut out as many as you need making sure you have 2 pieces of felt for each pumpkin.)
  • Cut the stem off your pattern.
  • Secure the pattern to the second piece of orange felt and cut it out. (repeat if making more than one, with the remaining felt pieces)
  • Place the stem pattern on the green piece of felt. (you can get multiple stems from one piece of felt)
  • You now have your pieces ready.
  • Place the pumpkin that has the stem attached on your work surface.
  • Line the edge of the entire thing with glue EXCEPT for the stem area. Leave the top part of the pumpkin open. (this is where your silverware pocket opening will be).
  • Place the second piece of orange felt (with no stem) on top of that and press down to glue.
  • Glue down the green felt stem as well.
  • Trim any areas that are uneven.
  • Allow at least 1 hour (if not more) for the glue to dry.
  • To use, simply set the pumpkin on your table and slip the silverware into the pocket of the holder.


MAKES: 1 pumpkin silverware holder.
Halloween Silverware Holders

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