How To Clean Your Face With Olive Oil

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Wondering how to clean your face with olive oil? No? You’re not alone. In fact, most folks these days have no idea that one of the best facial cleansers on the market is in their kitchen cabinet, instead of their bathroom.

How To Clean Your Face With Olive Oil

I know. It sounds odd. But the truth is, it’s a beauty treatment that has been around a long time. Olive oil has been a common ingredient for skin care used by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans.

It’s incredibly moisturizing and helps keep the elasticity in skin. My grandmother used olive oil to clean her skin and I can tell you she had incredible skin! It was that porcelain European skin that we all strive to achieve. She maintained it effortlessly using only olive oil for the better part of her life. She never used soap or cleanser. Never.


I am not an esthetician or skin care expert. This information is based on my personal experience and family history. I did consult an esthetician one this topic and she told me it was pretty spot on. However, use this at your own risk.


How Do You Do It?

It’s really pretty simple. Using a cotton ball, get some olive oil on there and wipe it all over your face. The dirtier your face is, the grayer the cotton ball will be when you’re done. Simply repeat until the cotton ball ends up pretty clean (except for the oil, obviously).

Is This A Special Brand Of Oil?

Nope. It’s just your run-of-the-mill olive oil you would cook with in your kitchen.

What If you Have Oily Skin?

I used to have oily skin. And while this did clean my skin, it was a little much on the oil. So you will want to follow up with a dry cotton ball and keep a few in your purse just in case. Just know that it will take a couple weeks for your skin to truly adjust to this method of cleaning. So if your skin feels really oily at first, there is a good chance it will settle down after using this method for a while. If your skin is used to strong cleansers, it will overproduce oil for a while when you stop using them.

What If You Have Dry Skin?

That one’s easy! I have very dry skin these days and using olive oil couldn’t be a better choice for me. You can moisturize with the oil as well by rubbing little on your hands and smoothing it over your skin. I promise, you won’t smell like pizza.

But Doesn’t Oil Clog Pores?

No. MINERAL oil clogs pores. Regular oil only moisturizes the same way coconut oil does. (I rub coconut oil on my hands and elbows every time I’m in the kitchen. Great stuff!)

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